We Remember 9/11

Today, we join our nation’s Armed Forces and we remember the fallen on September 11, 2001. We share the words of Gen. David L. Goldfein’s, written to the Air For9/11 United States Air Force Academy Memorial by Richard O'Donnellce and to all airmen. We find great meaning in these words as parents of Air Force cadets and we are committed to continue to support the needs of the Class of 2019, as they train and prepare to join the fight.

“Airmen, Today marks the 15th anniversary of the tragic events of September 11, 2001. The attacks tested our Nation’s resolve while galvanizing our collective spirit of service. Since 9/11, our Air Force has continually engaged around the globe applying Airpower along with the Joint Team and our allies in the fight against violent extremism. As we continue to fight, may we never forget the 2,996 lives lost on 9/11, the countless first responders who gave their full measure, and the Airmen and their families who endured the ultimate sacrifice in our fight following 9/11. Today, supported by a grateful Nation, countless Airmen and their families continue to serve. Dawn and I are humbled and honored to serve with you. Thank you for your service. Fight’s on!”

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