The USAFA Recognition ‘Charge’

Cadet freshmen Ben Register, Kevin Dwyer, Evan Barger and Hank Binzer of Cadet Squadron 33 shoulder the weight of their Squadron's charge and await instructions March 12, 2010 at the U.S. Air Force Academy in Colorado. Recognition is an annual set of events that culminate in the freshmen being welcomed into the ranks of the upper class cadets. (U.S. Air Force photo/Rachel Boettcher)


Good morning parents.  Today is the day.  Recognition starts before dinner and is officially over after the Recognition Dinner on Saturday evening.  Some of you may be thinking, “oh, once the ‘run to the Rock’ starts on Saturday afternoon, it’s all downhill from there”.  Well, that Run to the Rock isn’t so easy.  Have you heard of the ‘Charge’?  This is a 6″ wide by 6″ high by 10′ long solid block of concrete.  Although these measurements are just my estimate, rumor has it that it weighs in at over 250 lbs.  It has six rope handles on it and the Doolies have to take turns carrying it all the way out and back from the Rock.  I have asked my son for some details and all he could tell me was, “they don’t tell me anything about the Charge other than it has six rope handles and its now painted Bold Gold”.  The Squadron Charges had been painted red up until this past week.  Red was the color of the class 2016.  They couldn’t paint the Charge Bold Gold until they earned the right to do so.  From what i can gather from watching online videos, it may also be used at other times during Recognition.  I have also seen how different Cadet Squadrons will make it their own, like in the attached picture (from 2010). Hopefully, WebGuy can shed some light on this subject with his Recognition Picture coverage……. WE HOPE !!!

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