New Spirit Gear

It’s time to start planning for Parents Weekend, Commitment, summer USAFA activities, and our Cadets’ exciting C2C year!  And what better way to show your pride than by displaying and wearing our Spirit Gear, Keepsake and Milestone items!!  Think ahead for Graduation, Goodie Bags and Gifts as some of these items are ordered in limited quantities and won’t come again.

We have some exciting new items on our USAFA 2019 Spirit Mission website –

  • High Quality Cloisonne Enamel Pin – Great for shirts, hats, shadow boxes, bags
  • Gold Finished Enamel Charm / Silver Finished with Gold Accent Enamel Charm – Can be used as a pendant, bracelet charm or earrings
  • Embroidered Patch with Gold Metallic Thread – Use on hats, shirts, jackets, bags
  • Inside Mount Auto Decal and Glossy Sticker – Use on your car, bags, etc.

But don’t delay, orders must be received by 7/10 for these new items.  Delivery will be in early August.  We also have a very limited amount of Exemplar Keychains on hand that you can add to your order as well.


Don’t forget our two stores as well — both have new merchandise including tote bags, beach blanket/towels, collared polo shirts, BBQ aprons, tank tops, and more!

Remember, our proceeds go toward supporting the needs of the Cadet Class which is so important now that Ring Dance is less than a year away!

Our Commitment Committee has been very busy.  Working with the Cadet Cabinet, they have been developing the Commitment Challenge Coin, programs, banners and more – thanks to your support of our Spirit Mission.  And stay tuned — we will have a wonderful individually personalized Commitment Commemorative Keepsake available for you to order for your Cadet.

Please show your pride by ordering our Spirit Gear, Milestone and Keepsake items.

Thank you for supporting all our Cadets.




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