100th Night

100th Night for the First Class Cadets takes place approximately 100 nights before graduation. It is an opportunity for the First Class Cadets to join with the Legacy Class to celebrate 100 days until graduation and their commissioning as Second Lieutenants in the United States Air Force.

Remember just a few short years ago when OUR Doolies were decorating the rooms of the FIRSTIES?  When OUR Doolies were gearing up for RECOGNITION into the wing of cadets and could truly begin to breathe!

Now our cadets are those FIRSTIES!  They will be granted leave for the President’s day weekend and the 2022 Doolies will be hard at work putting the final touches on some pretty crazy room ideas.


100th Night Dinning In

Tuesday, February 19th 2019


Tuesday will mark the official 100 days before graduation on May 30, 2019.  They will celebrate with a formal Dinning In at Mitchell Hall. Thanks to your support, your Class of 2019 Spirit Mission has been hard at work – Cadets will receive a program, a keepsake congratulations card, their Graduation Coin, and a truly special surprise gift!




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Graduation Gift

Due to your generosity, the 2019 Spirit Mission was able to gift not only the Graduation coin, but also a beautiful Coin Holder.  Each coin holder has the Cadets name lasered onto the coin holder.  We want to thank Rich MacKeen (AF Grad) for the beautiful work he did on each one of them.  Click HERE to see more of what Rich has at his website.

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