Looking for that perfect background music for your graduation slideshow?  There are 70 songs to choose from on this list.

Cadet Media produces several keepsake products.  BCT DVD, Graduation DVD, BCT Yearbook and the Polaris Yearbook.  Information from USAFA will be coming out soon on special graduation packages you can purchase.  You can find more information about what they have to offer HERE. Check out what they offered the class of 2018 HERE.
There are many services on line where you can create your own scrapbook of photos.  Shutterfly tends to have some really great sales.  Create your book and wait for that special.
Many people create a booklet for their guests to peruse as they wait at events.  Sent ahead of graduation, advice, schedule and maps are also included.
Check the FB group files for many examples.

The following document has 40+ pages of information that has been collected for you to use in making a booklet for graduation.

You may wish to use it all or just a few items.

We cannot possibly help each one of you to format your booklets. A basic knowledge of publishing programs is needed to create your booklet.  This information was set on an 8.5×11 sheet of paper with a larger left margin.  It is recommended to use the Word document as this keeps the formatting when you copy and paste.  If you can not open the word document, then use the PDF to copy the pages you want.  It will copy the words, but the formatting will not copy to your new document.

Click HERE for instructions on creating a book fold in Word 2019.

How to print: You can print these at home using the booklet print settings.  If sending this out to be printed, then most printers will want a PDF file for them to print.  This will cut down greatly on any formatting errors that may occur if you just send your publishing document.  If you do not know how to do this, you may need to google the instructions.


Good luck and Congratulations!

2019 Spirit Mission Committee


Check out the USAFA Resource page or the 2019 FB Parent page for the Word document

Click USAFA-Graduation-Booklet for the PDF file