Gift Suggestions


USAFA cadets participate in many traditions and milestones during their four years on “The Hill.” As family and friends wish to congratulate our cadets, the question always comes up… What CAN I get them and what SHOULD I get them?

Here is a handy list to use when you are looking for gift ideas for your cadet, and for suggesting ideas to proud family and friends.


Amazon- Make your purchases through Amazon and send to your cadet using our special link that donates 5-12% of your purchase back to the Spirit Mission!

Blessings from Teri | Class of 2019 – Beautiful custom hand made jewelry just for the class of 2019.  Half of the profit from sales goes right back to the class!  THANK YOU TERI!

Petals and Blooms Gift baskets, flowers, stuffed bears, special events, sponsor gifts and more!

Marni Kelsey “The Quilt Lady”- They are made to fit their bunks perfectly. Each quilt is personalized with an official Air Force nametape, as well as graduating class year patches.

Lots of great ideas and gift cards to Arnold Hall restaurants (Subway, Godfathers, Wing Zone, Smoothie King), Vandenberg laundry cards, outdoor activities, AERO Club and MORE can be found here.

Here is a listing of all of the Parent Groups that have fundraisers.

AOG- Squadron Patches, Squadron Pins, Gifts, and more!

USAFA Themed Cookies and Baked Goods


Document with all kinds of info and pictures put together by an USAFA mom! Click HERE.

Cadet Cakes by Carol Beautifully decorated cakes, cookies, and cupcakes delivered right to your cadet!  A personal touch includes a photograph of your cadet on their special day!

The Cupcake Doctor

Tweets Cookie Connection

Chef Sugar’s on Woodmen Road.

Kiss My Buttercream

Dutch Pastry

Marigold Cafe and Bakery

The Sugarplum Cake Shoppe

Yummy Confections

Squadron Graphics

Aim Higher Jets


Butter Bars Cooking Guide




School supplies, watches, frisbee, treats and snacks for their rooms, gift cards to Arnold Hall, vacuum, olive green boots for comfort, new undergarments.

**** Before purchasing anything, confirm with your cadet that the Doolies have been given permission to have these items.  Some items may be restricted to upperclassmen only



Many of their restrictions are lifted.  However, each squads have their own rules.  What might be an acceptable item in one squad is not so in another.

Sheet set (Twin XL), pillow, blanket, treats, CLOTHING (they can wear civvies now), class patch and pins, framed prop and wings with cadets photo, photo book of Webguy’s photos from BCT, digital photo frame,


100th Night

Party Shirts by Jill