Helpful Links

Academy Links:

Official USAFA Website
2016-2017 Academic Calendar
Master Events Calendar
Academy Admissions
USAFA Athletics
Association of Graduates
Association of Graduates WebGuy
USAFA Countdown Timers
General Johnson’s Twitter handle is @USAFA_SUPT
The Rando Fund
AAFES gift card website
USAFA Outdoor Recreation – phone number for shuttle reservations:  (719)333-3138
Colorado Springs Shuttle 1-877-587-3456

Photo Website Links:

KAFA Radio Facebook Page
USAFA Official Facebook Page
USAFA Official Youtube Page
Academy Admissions Facebook Page

Support Links:

My Life is Cadet Parent: USAFA Parents United
Yahoo Family Net
Yahoo Grad Net

Misc Links:

Mail and Package Information
USAFA Newspaper
Parent Handbook
Base Information
USAFA History & Facts
USAFA Twitter Page
Mitchell Hall
Academy Services
Light Humor, Inspiration and Motivation From Parents

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