Commemorate Your Cadet’s Commitment


The Class of 2019 Spirit Mission is proud to announce a unique item to commemorate the Commitment Milestone – An individually personalized Commitment Stein!  Each stein will feature YOUR Cadet’s name, their new Squadron’s image, the USAFA emblem, Class of 2019 and Commitment text.  We have worked hard with USAFA to create this very special item. This is a joint fundraiser for the Class of 2019 and the Spirit Mission.  Ordering is open to 2019 Parents as well as Cadets.  Cadets will receive a card with ordering information at the Commitment Dinner along with their Commitment Challenge Coin, Program, and Keepsake Congratulatory Card —   all furnished by the Spirit Mission.

Ordering will begin August 9th after the dinner.  Steins are being offered at $36 each, including shipping to the destination you specify at checkout.  Ordering will continue through Parents   Weekend and steins should ship within 2-3 weeks of the order being placed.  Click on our website at to place your order. You can pay by Paypal or send a check using the form on the site.  These high-quality ceramic steins are white with metallic gold banding – they are 22 oz. and are 6.5″ high with a 3″ diameter.

More than $10 from each stein will go towards the needs of the Cadet Class for Ring Dance!  Please help support our first joint fundraiser with the Cadet Class while honoring your Cadet and their Commitment to the Academy and the Air Force. This is truly a unique keepsake that they will cherish!

We will also have a limited number of the Keepsake Congratulations Card that is given to each Cadet that commits – these are professionally printed 5″ by 7″ cards featuring images of the Challenge Coin and explanations of the Coin’s design elements and their significance. You can view and order them on our website for $5 each also on August 9th.

Thank you for supporting all members of the Class of 2019 Cadets — STRONG!


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