Cadets Set to March at the 58th Inauguration Tomorrow

Photo courtesy of US Air Force Academy (Official) FB page

Serving our country is an honor, and for our cadets this is a commitment that they will enjoy for many years after graduation from the Academy.

They train every day while at the Academy and we as parents have the opportunity to see this training in the form of parades and formations, but it is merely a glimpse. Cadets spend hours training to march in a perfect formation and the feeling of accomplishment, pride, and, honor each cadet feels marching in a formal parade is indescribable.

Tomorrow, some of our cadets will experience that honor marching in the inauguration parade. If you have the opportunity to see the parade and our cadets, try and place yourselves in their shoes. Imagine the pride for serving our country, the honor of being present at a presidential inauguration, the overwhelming emotional turmoil as they represent the entire body of the United States Air Force Academy Cadet Wing, the hopes that they will not make one misstep, the fear that they will do an “eyes right” as they have been trained to do when commanded to do an “eyes left” as this one event requires, the pain of any blisters, and the abundance of pride. The parade will begin after the Swearing-In ceremony. It will begin at the steps of the U.S. Capitol Building and proceed 1.5 miles along Pennsylvania Avenue to the White House.

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