And They Are Off!!!!

With the summer before us, a host of new and exciting adventures await our cadets around the globe.  Each cadet must fulfill two military training requirements per summer with one being a leadership program this year.

This summers choices for core military training are as follows: Operation Air Force (Ops AF) or equivalent (Air Education Training Command (AETC) Leadership Ops, CE Ops/Civil Engineer Field Engineering Readiness Laboratory (CE-FERL).  This summer will also open up Leadership programs to our cadets.  Those choices are as follows:  Any commander selected from the Command Selection Board, BCT Cadre, ESET Cadre, Ops Group Cadre and Staff, CE-FERL Leadership, Cadet Aviation Instructor, Soaring Instructor, Parachuting Instructor, UAS Instructor, Cyber Instructor, and Space Instructor.  Cadets may also choose to give up summer break for a third military training program or an academic class.  For more details about the C2C Summer Program choices, click HERE for the curriculum handbook. See pages 67-68.

Once the summer is finished, our C2C’s will choose to COMMIT to the US Air Force.  This Milestone will be celebrated on the first day of school with the traditional Commitment Dinner.  The Spirit Mission will once again be minting a coin for this special occasion with donations from our generous parents. Find out more about each of our cadets milestones HERE.

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