60 Day Leave

Take advantage of these resources and rest easy with military minded folks helping plan out your 60 day leave.  Maybe it’s to relax or maybe consider a voluntourism trip.  Whatever the needs, there are people to assist you!

Travel Discounts from American Forces Travel- Read more about it HERE. (Not always cheaper.  Do your homework and consider just asking the hotel or airline for a military discount.)

Stacy Fritz- I am a certified travel agent, active-military spouse, and a USAFA parent who is well-versed in world-wide travel as both a corporate and leisure travel specialist. I am eager to help cadets and their families, and work hard to custom-tailor your travel experience with airline, hotel, car, cruise, theme park, and inclusive vacation packages.
Contact me direct at ContactStacyFritz@gmail.com or find me at https://stacy.militarytravel360.com/

Stella Rogers- May be reached at stella@greatxcapes.com
I’ll be happy to assist cadets and parents with any travel needs. I have done so for some cadets and some parents who are probably on some of the parents pages. I do not charge planning or booking fees. Thank you so much for the support. Http://www.facebook.com/greatxcapestravel

(Note: Stella has done many Spring break trips for cadets)

Melissa Rowan-   I am a travel consultant and am able to plan travel for the cadets, with no booking or planning fees.I have lived in Europe and travelled all over and can offer first hand recommendations. Email is melissa@incrediblememoriestravel.com (2016 grad mom)

Travel Advice to Cadets from Melissa

2019 is finally here!! You’ve survived – and I trust thrived – as a cadet at the United States Air Force Academy. Hard to believe 4 years have passed from those Doolie days when your very steps were dictated! And now, just on the horizon is 60 days of leave where the world is yours and you can go wherever you choose to go. The options are endless!

Should you go home and chill with the family? Should you explore and see the world? As a fellow mom, I offer my apologies to the many moms who would like you to choose Option 1! However, as a travel addict and professional travel consultant, I am going to say choose Door #2! TRAVEL!! When my own 2016 grad was planning his celebration of freedom, we were able to coordinate a trip that enabled him the best of both worlds – a little family time and an Hawaiian adventure.

In most cases, you’ve gone straight from your parents’ home to the Academy where most decisions were straightforward and dictated to you. Now you’re probably wondering, how in the world do I decide what to do?! Let me help you get started on this exciting and important decision.

Things to Consider:
1. FAMILY: Your family has missed you. You’ve probably missed them too. How much time of your leave do you want to spend reconnecting with them? Do you want to travel with them or just visit? Or perhaps this is not a priority for you. In our situation in 2016, our grad had been able to see us during most holiday breaks and Parents’ Weekends and his UPT assignment was close to his siblings so time with us was not a priority. However, we were enroute to Hawaii for him and his friends so they stopped and spent a couple days with us on their way. It was a perfect solution.
2. DESTINATION: Where would you like to go? The world is open to you – well almost! You do have to get approval to go overseas and be sure you have an up to date passport if you want to travel internationally. It’s also always a good idea to check the State Department travel advisory page and even more vital to check military regulations to learn what options are off the table for you before you begin planning.
3. BUDGET: You’ve worked hard and have been earning money during your time at the Academy. How much are you willing to use for your adventure?

Now that you’ve settled on the where, with whom and how much factors of this decision, its time to start looking at the details. How will you get there? Where will you stay? When is the best time frame within those 60 days to go? Do certain dates affect pricing? How long should you stay? How can I find the best prices? How can I know if a place is reputable? These details can get overwhelming and while you are studying for your courses and completing your military obligations necessary for graduation, time to consider all of them and plan a trip is probably not in your schedule. It’s the time to call in a travel professional. For no additional cost to you, we can work out all these details for you. When you book with Incredible Memories Travel, we do the research, make all the necessary arrangements, and provide you with a customized itinerary with tips and advice for your travel. We are an agency of military spouses (active, retired and veteran) and are passionate about helping our military with their leisure travel plans. We have vast experience with European travel, Caribbean, Disney destinations, cruises, honeymoon destinations and many others!

You can check out our blog at www.incrediblememoriestravel.blogspot.com
Email is melissa@incrediblememoriestravel.com (Melissa Rowan 2016 grad mom)