2019 Spirit Committee Leadership


President- Lori Johns

Vice-President- Maria Alvino

Treasurer- Suzie Ramirez

Secretary- Kim Stephens

VP for AOG Affairs- David Geernick


If you would like to serve on a committee and share your talent or expertise, please email

Communications Committee

Chairperson- Jennifer Mathes

Website Designer- Jennifer Mathes, Rick O’Donnell

Blog- Holly Quinn

Facebook Page Administrator- Susan Galloway

Parent Group Liaisons- Steve Bixler, Michelle Suggs

Cadet Liaison Parent- Patricia Burney

Cadet Liaison Cadet-

Publicity- MaryLynn Boley, Leslie Davis Little, Michelle Suggs, Michele Huff and Rocio Watkins.

Membership/Email Coordinator- Christine Campbell

Hospitality/Thank you notes- Diane Poythress, MaryLynn Boley, Lisa Reed

Finance Committee

Chairperson- Christine Cambell

Member- Michelle Moawad

Fundraising Committee

Co- Chairs Michelle Suggs / Marylynn Boley

Members- Amy Farlinger, Holly Quinn, Diane Pythress, Patricia Burney, Devi Lopez, Michelle Huff

Milestones Committee

Chairperson- Jonathon Thomas

Members- Maryann Fortes, Suzanne Gavenus, Amy Boone, Vivian Polivka

Recognition Coin

Chairman- Joe Pung

Members- Sarah Stephens, Melissa Pearce, Devi Lopez

Exemplar Coin

Co- Chairs- Jonathon Thomas and Jennifer Mathes

Colorado Volunteer Coordinators

Members- Steve Bixler, Patricia Burney