100th Night

Our Cadets Next Milestone is Coming!

As they head off for their well deserved weekend off and their rooms getting decorated – 100th Night will be held Tuesday, the 19th! This formal Dining In is a wonderful opportunity to celebrate, mingle with Legacy Class members and hear from USAFA leadership and Guest Speakers.

Thanks to your support, your Class of 2019 Spirit Mission has been hard at work – Cadets will receive a program, a keepsake congratulations card, their Graduation Coin, and a truly special surprise gift! Stay tuned for more info and pictures!  We will have the 100th Night page up and going the night of the dinner (Tuesday, Feb. 19th).  You will not want to miss all of the decorated room pictures that we will be uploading and congratulatory toasts!

Next up will be GRADUATION!!!  If you haven’t visited the Graduation page yet, click HERE.

6 thoughts on “100th Night

  1. Hello,
    I ordered lanyards on 2/17 (10 of them) and have not received them. Just making sure you received my order.

    Many thanks,

  2. Our daughter, C1C April Lewis, was co-Officer in Charge of the 100-night dine-in.
    Their responsibilities included procuring gifts for the cadets that included the glass mugs with the class crest imprinted on it, the class crest “Coin“ and the leather binders for each cadet. Additionally, the Officers in Charge were responsible for the menu, the program – the scheduling and actual printing of it . And a several-page booklet outlining the events to occur that was distributed to all leadership.
    April was also the escort for Lt. Gen. Richard Clark of the Pentagon, speaker for the event. She sat between the Superintendent and the Vice Superintendent at the head table. Though she has always been a great organizer, these skills were put to good use
    USAFA has helped hone these skills.

    • Oh my goodness, Cindy, what a privilege and what a great story. What will she do next!? She sounds like a perfect fit for the Air Force and I wish we could all meet her. Congratulations!

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